Nufibre Tab Frame w/ Swivel NFTF18BLEA Collapsible for touch free operation CALL FOR QUOTE
Telescoptic Handle NFTH40ALEA Aluminum Telescopic Handle fits POCKET, TAB, Wall Wash Frames. CALL FOR QUOTE
Nufibre Pocket Frame NFPF18EA For touch free operation CALL FOR QUOTE
Nufibre Hand Trowel With Handle NFHT08BLEA Wall washing and hard surface cleaning CALL FOR QUOTE
Nufibre Wall Wash Frame NFWW08BLEA For use with NuFiber pads CALL FOR QUOTE
Aluminum Telescopic Handle, 12 0112 For use wherever a strong, lightweight extension pole is needed CALL FOR QUOTE
Magnetic Upright Broom with Handle, Flat 0141 Flagged tips control fine dust for easier and cleaner sweeping CALL FOR QUOTE
Grip It Tool Holder 0188 Organize your tools and closet. Keeps brooms off the floor to prevent flattening of bristles CALL FOR QUOTE
Wood, Tapered Broom Handle, 60" 0260 Hardwood, standard tapered handle fits numerous products CALL FOR QUOTE
Mop Handle, Fibreglass, 60" 1700 Fibreglass mop handle for use with any size mop CALL FOR QUOTE
Fibreglass Handle for MUS Squeegee, 60in 360NT-F A durable hygienic fiberglass handle. CALL FOR QUOTE
Green Oil Base 3912 Heavy-duty flame retardant sweeping compound composed of sand, sawdust and oil for concrete and wood floors. CALL FOR QUOTE

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